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Mobile phone spare parts and hardware tools

Hi welcome to peteroyewole's mobile phone hardware solutions.
Today, am going to list out some mobile phone spare parts and hardware repair tools with images. 
This post will serve as an image directory to check out unfamiliar names of ("spare parts" and " hardware repair tools") mentioned on this blog.

Phone hardware tools

1). Soldering iron

2). Meter

3). Led wire
4). Soldering paste

5). Candle and matches

6). Phone screw driver

7). Picker

8). Toothbrush

Phone spare parts

1). Speakers

2). Mouthpiece

3). Charging port

4). Battery

5). Bouncer leather

6). Network antenna

7). Camera

8). Screen

9). (Cab) small panel

10). Flex

11). PCB (main panel)

Note: this post will be updated with new "phone spare parts" and "hardware repair tools" if it not on the list.