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How to replace your phone speaker

Replacing a phone speaker is as simple as ABC if you know which one to change because a mobile phone usually comes with two speakers, one at the front for making calls and the second one at the back for listening to music, sounds records, ringing tunes etc.

So, how can you differentiate between the two speakers and know which one to change
1). If you can't hear the opponent voice during outgoing or incoming calls then you should know that your phone is having a ("front" speaker issue).
2). If your phone ringing out, music and other sounds stopped working apart from hearing opponent voice during calls then your phone is having a ("back" speaker issue).

How will you know your phone is having a speaker issue
1). Decrease in sound quality when playing music or making calls
2). Sound stop working
3). Sounds cracking

1). Phone screw driver
2). Replacement speaker (you can get it at the market)
3). Soldering iron (if your phone speaker is wire)

How to replace phone speakers
1). Remove your sims and memory card
2). Unscrew the phone and use your finger or plastic rubber to open the phone from side
3). Locate the speaker 
4). Go to the market or any mobile repair shop and get the exact speaker. I suggest you hold the old speaker with you as sample.
5). Remove the old speaker and replace it with the new one. 
If it comes with wire then you need soldering iron, but if it does not comes with wire then you don't need soldering iron to change it. 
5). After changing, arrange the phone and test your speaker.

Watch video here:

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