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How to change charging port

Charging port is a socket or connector located at the buttom of your phone where your battery charger connect.
Today, i will explain to you how to change it if yours is having issue.

Names of charging ports
1). Pin mouth charging port ( Nokia and china phones)
2). Android charging port
3). Visa-phone charging port

How will you know your phone is having charging port issue
1). Slow charging
2). Charging not working when you insert cable
3). Decrease in percentage instead of increasing when charging
4). Bending of charger cable before your phone can charge

1). Phone screw driver
2). Exact charging port
3). Blower or (candle and matches)
4). Picker
5). Soldering paste
6). Toothbrush

How to change Android phone charging port
1). Remove your sims and memory card
2). Unscrew the phone using phone screw driver
3). Open the phone using your finger or plastic rubber from side
4). Locate the charging port, most Android phones charging port is located at the base.
5). After locating the charging port, detach all the flex, network antenna that connects to the panel within the charging port area.
6). Bring out the panel and place it on a flat surface e.g a table and use a padlock, stone or anything to hold the panel.
7). Heat the charging port from under using blower or candle.
Make sure you applied soldering paste inside the charging port before heating, to avoid melting the charging port.
Important: be careful and don't allow soldering paste to enter inside the mouthpiece.
8). After it as heat to some extent, now use your picker to remove it
9). Place the new charging port on the panel and continue heating from under until it sit well in its position.
Important: make sure you applied plenty soldering paste inside the charging port before heating and continue applying soldering paste once you see it getting dry and you are not done fixing.
10). After you finish fixing, use toothbrush to brush the inside of the charging port
11). Arrange your phone and test it.

Watch video here:

Note: you can use candle in place of soldering paste. All you have got to do is cut little piece from candle and struck it inside the charging port and melt it.

How to change button phone charging port
Button phones charging port is easy as ABC to change and not as complicated compare to Android phone charging port.
Just follow the below steps:
1). Remove your sim card
2). Unscrew the phone using phone screw driver
3). Locate the charging port
4). Use picker or screw driver to remove the charging port from the chassis
5). Replace with a new charging port
6). Arrange the phone, tie the screws and test it.

Watch video here:

Note: some button phones are using the same charging port with Android phones.
So if you open your phone and you discovered that the charging port is soldered then you need to follow the Android procedure to change it and make sure you remove the "bouncer leather" before heating.

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