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How to apply or change screen protector

Screen protector is a temporary glass designed in form of calibrator which can be applied on the surface of an Android phone screen, this protector guide and protect the screen from unnecessary crack.
Once again i welcome you all to peteroyewole's blog the best source for Android handware solutions.
But today i will be showing you how to change or apply screen protector (anti-break) to your phone.

How to apply or change screen protector
1). Check for the model number
2). Goto the market or phone repairer shop and buy the screen protector
3). If there is screen protector on your phone then you need to remove it first before applying another one
4). You will see one "pack" inside the screen protector labeled "1" and "2"
5). Open it and use the piece in label "1" to wrap off your screen dirty
6). Remove the leather covering the screen protector
7). Set and place the screen protector gently on the surface of phone screen
8). Use the paper found in label "2" to smooth the screen protector.

Watch video here:

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