The secret life of a student leader

By Peteroyewole → Friday, July 10, 2020

Every great leader has his own peculiarity and what makes him thick and different from others. He has what many do not have that makes him being sought after or that could be responsible for his success and glory. Such things may not be visible to all, except those with keen interest and studious that such values or virtues may be exposed to. It is one thing to know a thing it is another thing to imbibe such qualities. This post will saddle itself with discovering what makes hardworking student leader becomes outstanding and how can such virtues be grasped with the focus of making impact in one's generation as a good student leader and by extension cause positive waves when one is out of campus. We must affirmed that there is a difference between a winning student leader and a mediocre one. The difference include:

1). Classification of concepts

a). Secret life: In this context, secret life is deducted to mean facts and nature that are privy to a person and which make such a person stands out. It has to do with habits, lifestyles, attitudes, behaviors and the likes that one has developed over time or is developing. Again, it also suggests the private things, rigors and disciplines one goes through in private that translates to public glare in terms of success and the personality that all see outwardly. This is far from negative connotation of double standard. What makes it secret is that not everyone knows about it and those who know about it are the ones profiting from it.

b). Student: Wikipedia sees a student as 'a person enrolled in a school or other educational institution who attends classes in a course to attain the appropriate level of mastery. In the broader sense, a student is anyone who applies themselves to the intensive intellectual engagement with some matter necessary to master it as part of some practical affair in which such mastery is basic or decisive' while a student leader is one whose minds is being broaden and enlightened. A student leader is different from 'just' a student. The difference is this 'a student leader takes the responsibility of other students through leading'.

c). Leader: Several conceptualizations of the word leader has been done by several scholars but permit me to abide with the word 'influence' as used by John Maxwell. It will be inappropriate to study the secret life of a leader without focusing on how such an exercise will influence the followership.

2). Types of student leaders

This is not comprehensive but it will make attempt to discuss some

a).  Garrulous leaders: Some student leaders are gifted in talking than in doing. His words are more heard than his actions are seen.
b). Easy going leaders: Some leaders are gentle and easy going.
c). Reflective leaders: Some leaders are great thinkers and their meditative capacity are brought to bear on their leadership enterprise.
d). Critical leaders: Some leaders are so critical of the actions of the followers. They easily see errors of others.
e). Emotional leaders: Some leaders display a lot of emotions. They cannot rule over their emotions. This could be seen in terms of emotional outbursts like anger and the likes.
f). Evaluative leaders: Some leaders are quick in taking a comprehensive look at situations and assessing it with the mindset that the fellowship may get better and stronger.
g). Understanding leaders: Some leaders have the capacity to put themselves in others position and make attempt to understand the feelings of their followers and why some followers do what they did.
h). Sympathetic leaders: Some leaders feel the pains of their followers. They show empathy to them.
i). Prayerful leaders: Some leaders are given to praying to God on all issues and circumstances.
j). Consulting leaders: Some leaders cannot do anything on their own without first consulting with someone else or a group.

3). Functions of a student leader 

a). Instruction: Student leaders are to provide instructions for the followers, this is to be done to build lives and provide direction. As a leader, he must be guided by the same instruction and precept.
b). Direction: Leaders are supposed to know the way. They guide and direct on matters that will bring common good to all.
c). Exemplary: Leaders lead not by talking alone but by real and true action. They walk their talk.
d). Organizing: It is the duty of the leader to structure and mold the fellowship and order of things within it in a way that will bring growth, He is supposed to lead in making proper arrangements in terms of the day to day activities and running the fellowship.
e). Decision making: Leaders have no choice but to make decision. Decision making is part of the day to day necessity of leadership. Every leader needs to develop the skill of making decisions because it is needful. The success of any leader will be determined by how good the culmination of all the decisions such a leader turn out to be. A leader is a success or a failure depending on his decision on making skill. Leaders make decisions and they cannot run away from making it as well.
f). Delegation of responsibility: Leaders do not do it alone. He needs to delegate responsibility. He assigns roles and responsibilities to followers so that the fellowship can be run efficiently.
g). Image making: The leader is the image maker for the fellowship and he needs to position himself in the same vein.
h). Information sharing: He shares information with the fellowship members and those who are outside the fellowship too on matters that they need to know about.

4). Importance of good student leadership

a). In instituting growth
b). Discipline
c). Focus and direction
d). Orderliness and structure
e). Harmony in units and sub groups
f). Information flow
g). Strong institution

5). Secret life of a good student leader

1. Authentic: He lives true to his calling, declaration and expectation. He does not do some things privately that negates ethos and values
2. Love: Love is not about giving but giving should be part of love. He loves without thinking of personal gains
3. Looking on the things of others: He looks after the things of others and make sure that it succeeds
4. Humility: He knows that pride goes before destruction. So he is meek and gentle
5. Taking the form of a servant: He is ready to serve rather than being served
6. Long suffering: He possesses the ability to be wronged again and again and still the offender opportunity for him to make amend
7. Purposeful investment: He intentionally make investment into others. He knows that people are the greatest assets that one can have
8. Submission to discipline: If he errs he submit himself to discipline. He takes responsibility of the error and abides by the punishments accruing to it
9. Readiness to pay the sacrifice needed to become a better person first before becoming a better leader
10. Place values on others: He respects others and knows that they are tangible things to offer
11. Self-observation: He takes personal inventory and does self-criticism with the mind to help himself
12. Contentment: He is contented and not derailed by what others have
13. Open to discipleship
14. Know his limitations
15. Have mentors/ those who are mentoring him
16. See leadership as a privilege
17. Rely on strength of others
18. Identify leadership qualities of others and maximize it
19. Communicates effectively
20. Abides by his words: He keeps promises
21. Maintains and builds relationships.


For every good student leader to stand tall, he needs to build himself and be ready to be build too. It is pertinent to know that success does not just happen but made to happen. When a good student leader is doing well, we must know that he is paying or has paid the sacrifice. The readiness to give it what it takes is one thing that several leaders may not possess and a good student leader must not lack.
Every success has the story behind it. This story may not be explicit to all but they are here. They are the principles by which things happen and which every succeeding good leader abibes with. Leading effectively and efficiently requires that such a leader should go through the normal process. This will enhance his success as a good leader.

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