I found her; what next?

By Peteroyewole → Saturday, July 11, 2020

There are so many things you will have to find in life as a man. So many things you need to succeed in life and live a colorful life might not be within your reach. You have to got to engage in meaningful search for you to lay hold of them. One of such important discovery you must make in life is the discovery of your marriage partner. You must find a wife that will understand you for who you are, and if that as been fulfilled in your life and you have now found that lady that will become your life partner in marriage, i congratulate you.
But, note this truth: if you found her, and you don't know what to do next, you can still lose her. Finding a lady to marry is not enough, you must know what are the necessary things or steps you must take to secure her. This is the focus of this post. I want to share with you all, things you must not do when you have found her and things you must do when you have found her so she won't slip off your hands.

Things you must not do now that you have found her

Before i talk on things you must do after you have found her, let me talk on things you must not do first.
1). Don't start calling her pet names: Even if you are sure this lady is the one your heart is leading you to, as your wife, and you have found her. This is not a license for you to start calling her pet names like "Sweetheart", "Darling", "Mine", "My treasure", "My heart beat", etc. Keep that for now! It is a turn off for most ladies. You have not even proposed marriage to her and you have started calling her pet and romantic name here and there, it can make you to eventually lose her.

2). Don't start telling people you are in a relationship with her: I have seen many guys, displaying this ignorance and irritating attitude. Just because you have "received" a lady in your dream or vision, without proposing to her first and know whether she will be interested in marrying, you or not, you started announcing it to everybody who cares to listen that, you are already in a relationship with her. Mine take here is don't do that, because this might make you lose her.  Because many ladies dislike such behavior.

3). Proposing to her with threat: Another thing many guys do when they have found ladies to marry is to go and propose to ber with threat. They threaten the sisters with visions and dreams. Like a brother who proposed to a lady by saying "God said if you don't marry me, you cannot have peaceful marriage". Brother, that's an empty threat. You will be making a very great mistake, going to threatening a lady all in the name of proposing to her.

4). Sudden generosity: Another thing you must not do when you have just found a lady is a "Sudden Generosity". It is not time to start giving her money, buying her shoes or asking for her account number and be crediting her account with money just to win her heart. A sensitive lady can sense if you are giving her gifts just to keep her and buy her over. It is good to be a generous guy but don't just start it to impress, trap or buy a lady over because you want to win her heart when you eventually propose to her.

5). Disturbing her inbox with unnecessary chats/questions/information: Have you found her? Please don't do this! Don't go into her indox on Facebook messenger or Whatsapp to be asking her irrelevant questions like, "Have you eaten", "Are you a virgin?", "Where are you?", "What are you doing presently?", etc. All these are childish questions that can piss off a lady. Don't become a pest because your heart longs for her.
Also, don't feed her with information that is not necessary for now. "I have 1million naira in my savings account and 2 million naira in my current account and 100 dollars in my Domiciliary account". Brother, you don't need to give her all those news for now!

I have found her, what next?

Now let's look at things/steps to take now that you have found her:
1). Make some important findings about her: make necessary findings and research about her. Now that you have found out, carry out some investigations about her. Ask questions from her in a wise way. Ask about her age, present relationship status, genotype, what she likes, what her favourite food, etc.

2).  Propose to her if your findings about her are okay by you: The next thing to do is to go and propose to her. Be sure! Be concise and be brief. Don't go there to share your 65 visions and dreams. Don't threaten her. You can tell her that you have prayed about her and you have the leading from the lord to come to her. Also, declare your love for her. Tell her you want to marry her not just date her. Ask her for when to come for her reply. Encourage her to go and pray on the proposal and take her time to make her decision. But ask her when you should come for her response.

3). Give her enough time to think about it: Yes, don't rush her. Don't send people to her to help you beg her "Yes" to your proposal. Don't give her gift while she is still on your proposal. You can't buy true love with money. Let it flow naturally.

4). Start your courtship: If she comes to give you "YES" as an answer to your proposal, start your courtship. If she says "NO" don't fight her. Don't manipulate her. You can ask her to still think about it for the second time and if after all said and done, she still insist "NO", then, let her be! God will give you another/better person. But if her answer is "YES". Congratulation. Start a pure courtship and use the period of courtship to prepare for a glorious wedding and a glorious marriage.

Do you find this helpful? If yes don't forget to comment and share!!!

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