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No house is built without a foundation. The foundation of a house determines the type, the quality and life span of the structure to be built. Most times when a disaster either fire, flood or something else befalls a structure, if the foundation is a correct and strong one, you will always find the foundation still standing. Leadership is so important that it does not operate in the vacuum; it must have a foundation and a strong one for that matter. When you see failing, falling and crumbling leaders and leadership, examine the foundation of such leaders and leadership institution, you will discover that it is faulty.

Leadership is what we see, experience and practice on daily basis because virtually everyone is involved one way or the other, be it at home, work, school, church, group, union, organization, community or general society. Each person moves from one level or kind of leadership to another from time to time. The propelling and sustaining force in position of leadership is the matter of foundation. Someone with a sound and strong foundation will move and get to the peak. Though he stumbles at one time or the other, he will rise again and move on. Those with weak foundations may get to the top, but when they have no capability to get up again they fall.

Definition of keywords

Let define the words in the topic which is "Foundation and Leadership".

i). Foundation: This is defined as the basis on which something is grounded. The act of starting something for the first time; introducing something new. The fundamental assumption from which something is begun or developed. In other words, it is a preliminary process upon which a structure or institution is built.

ii). Leadership: it is a God-giving opportunity to affect and influence people positively. It is the action of leading a group of people or an organization with the ability to inspire or influence them towards specific organizational goal through clearly stated vision and innovation. He ensures that the followers willingly do things they perhaps would not have done.

Component of foundations to leadership

1). Good followership: A bad follower can never become a good leader. The daily life experience shows that people are always both leader and follower simultaneously. You lead in a particular level and setting and some other places you are a follower. When you have not been able to distinguish yourself as a responsible follower where you serve, it will be practically impossible for you to lead responsibly.  Somebody wrote a petition against his boss in office. After a while the boss retired from the office but kept a copy of the petition somewhere in the office. The petitioner took over from him in the office and as he was arranging hos office after he had stayed there for some years, he found the petition he wrote against his former boss and discovered that he was guilty of eleven out of sixteen petitions he wrote against his boss. Leadership is a privilege and is by grace, whoever aspires to be a good leader must take time to follow responsibly.

2). Training: As part of solid foundation for leadership, training is crucial to a successful leadership responsibility. It gives competence and confidence. The training could be formal or informal depending on the nature or the extent of leadership. Formal training is required in ministerial, professional, political career leadership responsibilities for the purpose of confidence and excellent. Some other tenured or temporary leadership responsibility may require informal or short-term training. Some people have messed up and still messing up leadership opportunities because they failed to submit themselves for foundational training and self-development.

3). Self-discipline: An excelling leader must possess a background and adequate history of spiritual and moral discipline to avoid a sudden crash in leadership positions. Some leaders that fail and fall when they are almost at the peak of their career had possibly indulge in some level of indiscipline.

4). Pains and trials of faith: Can make one a good leader. For instance, somebody who suffered the pain of being sexually abused at a tender age can become an advocate or a voice working with Government and non-government organizations to promote children right and ways of protecting young ladies against sexual harassment. The first American female medical doctor developed a passion for medicine because one of her close friends died of a gynecological issue which she was not willing to disclose to any male doctor. Another lady started a work around the survival of people with sickle cell anemia because she suffered a lot from that health condition. Don't allow your pain to waist; build up a ministry around it.

5). Determination and focus: 'No cross no crown' for someone to fulfil in leadership responsibility, there will always be barrier obstacles and distractions. It takes a man of determination and focus to scale through huddles of life and get to his destined place in leadership.

6). Diligence: There is dignity in labor. You don't find gold on the surface; you must use energy and time to dig deep before getting at it. Diligence in doing something extra and special gives you an edge over and above others.
Diligent readers always emerge as leaders using the garnered knowledge to impart lives. Lazy and idle people do not have capacity to bear people's burden and therefore will not be given leadership responsibility.

Indices of solid foundations to leadership

1). Faith and conviction: You will obviously see faith and conviction in people with strong foundation. Such people will always be willing to die as they discharge their assigned responsibilities. They are not moved by what people do or say as long as they are sure of God's hand and presence around them in the assignment.

2). Compassion and sacrificial love: leaders with solid foundation are motivated by compassion and they are always ready to give their time, resources and even their lives to accomplish their purpose in leadership responsibilities.

3). Service: Leaders with solid foundation will love to serve with great passion. Either people recognize, appreciate, reward or not, they are always active and enthusiastic about discharging their leadership responsibility by serving their subjects rather than being served.

4). Humility: Leaders with good foundation are humble in discharging their responsibilities. They are always accessible, approachable and willing to attend to people's situations without complain or murmur. 
To them humility is the secret behind promotion, excellence and fulfillment in leadership.

5). Integrity: You will always find consistency in the speech and deeds of a leader with good foundation. You can hold them by their word at all time.

6). Accountability: They regularly prepare their report and submit to the appropriate quarters for the purpose of feedback, clarity and transparency in their stewardship.

7). Purity and exemplary character: They lead by example with high sense of spiritual and moral purity. People are more influenced positively by what they do than what they say.

8). Visionary: They develop vision and mobilize all stakeholders towards the realization of the organization set goal.

9). Quality relationship: They cherish relationship far above the assignment in their hands.

10). Good temperament and large heart: Leaders with good foundation create space in their hearts to accommodate people with different background and opinions in accomplishing set goals, harnessing and maximizing God's potential and gifting in people's lives.

Blessings of quality foundation in leadership

1). Good legacy: People who by good foundation make great impact on people's lives will definitely become a reference point.

2). Fruitfulness: It may not matter how long people with great impact and influence live, their fruit will continue to speak and spread.

3). Sense of fulfillment: Such people who make great impact are always confident of the fact that no matter the challenge and difficulty they encounter in the course of their leadership disposition, they believe their life is never a waist. They are satisfied fulfilling divine mandate.


A Yoruba adage says: A child that will be responsible in adulthood will always demonstrate sense of responsibility right from childhood. As it will be too late for snake to start looking for a hole to enter when the bush is already burning so it will be late for someone looking for leadership opportunity at adulthood. 
This is to say that as much as possible, young people should take the best advantage of being exposed to the rudiment of leadership foundations like: self-discipline, self-determination, diligence, and focus among others, for future quality leadership in the society. Becoming an effective leadership is not something that can suddenly be grabbed in adulthood stage; it is something that must start right from youth, building trust and confidence in people who will at later time willingly submit to have such people as their leaders.

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Foundation of leadership

By Peteroyewole → Friday, June 19, 2020
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