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Academic excellence should be the goal of every student, especially the ones that are serious. excellence in knowledge must be their aspiration. One who has neither attained excellence nor is striving for it is simply a mediocre. Unfortunately, the society in which we find ourselves mostly in Africa does not encourage excellence. But, serious student purpose must be different. Academic excellence is needed in other to have Professional Engineer that will build bridges that will not collapse. Excellence is the stuff those who will construct airplane that will fly and not crash needed to be made of. It is a requirement for those who will build roads that will last, persons who will construct durable cars that will generate foreign exchange for their nation, pharmacist that will manufacture drugs that will cure debilitating sicknesses and diseases and carry out research that will lead to discovery of drugs that will cure ravaging diseases. Academic excellence is important for Doctors who will perform complicated surgeries without losing the life of their patient or causing permanent organ or bodily damage to them. This way, there will be no need to always fly patient overseas for treatment from complex diseases, thereby impoverish our nations further. Academic excellence will help produce lawyers who can argue cases in such a manner that judges and the society can see far reaching implications of cases in hand, so that the legislators can be guided to make laws that promote equity and justice. Academic excellence will produce politician whose pride and joy will be in making laws that promote egalitarian society not in his pay package. Academic excellence will produce a teacher whose joy mostly will be in imparting knowledge to his students and making intelligent citizens. We can go on and on.
Academic excellence may ultimately result in much wealth, especially for those who add entrepreneurship to it, but it guarantees financial security of those who possess it. It is sure to promote sane society, ensures functional institutions and promises national wealth. It is a precursor for having functional hospitals, courts where justice are dispensed, effective educational institutions functional and effective water corporations, good governance and the rest.
Every child must therefore aspire for academic excellence, regardless of field of studies or chosen career. For students, here are some tips for academic excellence:

Tips for academic excellence for students

1). Never miss your classes or other opportunities to add to your knowledge: A class is a formal organization where important subjects are taught to students. The one who guides and give instructions on the subjects is the teacher. Whether or not the teacher is good, a student striving for excellence must always attend classes and pay good attention in classes. There is always something to learn, even from common day-to-day activities.

2). Be eager to learn new things and new methods of solving problems: To attain excellence, a student must seek answer to questions on every subjects he takes, even if the teacher does not mention it in class. One of the ways to do this is to look at the course content and study it, look for practical problems or likely examination questions on the subject matter and ensure that he/she solves them. There should be no room for giving up on any difficult topic. Many resource materials are available now a days. The internet can be used by typing the topic on Google, reading some important information about the subject, watching the movie of practical demonstrations of the some important lesson or teaching on the topic on YouTube. Student only need to type the questions he/she wants answered and the internet will come up with toms of options from which a student can pick and choose as necessary. An important caution here is you must not allow yourself be distracted by other things.

3). Do your homework and assignments even when they are not checked by the teacher: A student who is aspiring for excellence must, apart from reading his/ subjects to ensure the everything that has been taught is well understood, must also ensure that he/she is up-to-date in his or her homework and assignments.

4). Cultivate healthy habits: These include eating healthy food, taking adequate rest and keeping simple rules of hygiene. In other to have a sound mind, students must avoid any thing that could cause ill health. When the body is unwell, attending classes may become impossible or comprehension of the subjects may be impossible or difficult. It is therefore important to seek immediate medical attention when you feel unwell, before the situation becomes aggravated. Engage only in activities that promote sound mind. Avoid relationships such as having "boy or girl friends" before final year of tour studies in tertiary institution if you are not thinking of marrying in a year or two. This could lead to unnecessary distractions.

5). When you can't understand what you are reading anymore, take time off to rest: Mistake often made by many students is to try to spend long hours reading without break. Every individual has his/her attention span and limit. It is therefore, important for you to understand this and be guided by it. Reading beyond your attention span limit will amount to a waste of time and would do you no good. When you feel like resting, please go and rest. If you need to shower, do so. If you need to go and sleep, please do so. In some cases, you may just need to take a few minutes off walk or discussion with someone.

6). Be humble: No one knows everything. Do not pretend that you know what you do not know. Be humble enough to ask questions even if some people will consider it stupid or look down on you for it. I bet, you know better than many of those who may castigate you for being humble enough to ask questions about what you do not know.

7). Be in the right frame of mind: Being in the right frame of mind or rather maintaining a sound mind at all times is critical to academic excellence. Maintaining a sound mind involves avoiding anything that will confuse or blur the mind; auch as drugs, alcohol, inadequate sleep, relationship or activities etc. Sound mind is necessary for assimilation of different subjects that are taught or read and for their application or regurgitation during examinations.

8). Ask questions always and try to find correct answers to the questions that comes to mind about your subject of interest: When questions are left unanswered, very important opportunity for advancement and gaining knowledge are thrown away. Students seeking academic excellence must therefore find answers to all their questions.

9). Never cut corners: Most students often want the easy way out. They want to be crown without carrying the cross. The truth is that the difficulties you encounter while insisting on following the principled position increase your experience and add to your knowledge. A story was told of Thomas Edison who failed 10,000 times, using different ways, in his attempts to make a light bulb. In is popularly quotes as admitting that he succeeded in knowing 10,000 ways of not making a light bulb. He did not give up he continued until he succeeded and his effort paid off. Shortcut cuts life short, therefore, endure the hard discipline of following the hard, right and principled path.

10). Never give up on difficult problems but keep working on them until you are able to solve the problems: You need to persevere through difficulties and stay focused, if you are to become successful. You may after all be a few inches from the solution that you need for solving the problems on hand. If you give up too soon, your efforts may be wasted and you lose the gains that should have accrued to you.

11) Pursue knowledge, don't try to impress anyone: To attain excellence, it is important to be curious and to pursue knowledge always. Almost too often, particularly in Africa, the people you are expecting praise from may end up not appreciating what you are doing and may even castigate you instead of praising you. Academic excellence in itself, sooner or later, will not only sit you among the honorable, but has the potential for making you famous and winning you a lot of respect. Therefore, even when you are not appreciated, continue to pursue it. Seeking to impress some people or group of people has the potential for making you cut-corners and making you become proud. Seeking it because it is right thing to do helps you to remain humble.

12). Be organized: Organization involves arranging your things and your movement for maximum benefits. Sometimes it may involve labelling some items that could bring confusion when you store them. Similar or related items kept together helps you to find everything around the same place without having to waste much time. Planning your outing for maximum benefit helps you to save a lot of time so that it can be used for something productive.

13). Never allow work to pile up: Procrastination is the thief of time . Just the way time is needed for healing of wound, for digestion of food, for bad memories to be erased and for growth of plant and animal to take place to maturity and all these processes take place gradually. Acquisition of knowledge for academic excellence is also a gradual process requiring time for deep understanding. It is therefore important to know that academic knowledge rushed cannot be of much use. Reading, studying and practice of academic exercises or studies must be done regularly, consistently, utilizing whatever opportunity presents itself. A student who decides to leave his reading and studying until when tests and examinations are fast approaching CANNOT excel academically. Reading and studying must begin the moment you know a particular course is a requirement for you. Under worst case scenario, the day the first lecture on the subject is received is the day to start studying it.

14). Share what you know with others: A story was told of a farmer who grew excellent quality corn. Every year, he won the award for the best grown corn. One year a newspaper reporter interviewed him and learned something interesting about how he grew it. The reporter discovered that the farmer shared his seed corn with his neighbors.
"How can you afford to share your best seed corn with your neighbors when they are entering corn in competition with you each year?" the reporter asked. "Why sir," said the farmer, "Didn't you know? The wind picks up pollen from the ripening corn and swirls it from field to field. If my neighbor grow inferior corn, cross-pollination will steadily degrade the quality of my corn. If i am to grow corn, i must help my neighbors grow good corn." So is with our lives... Those who want to live meaningfully and well must help enrich the lives of others, for the value of a life is measured by the lives it touches. And those who choose to be happy must help others find happiness, for the welfare of each is bound up with the welfare of all. Those who want to excel must lift up others to position of excellence. The more you share your knowledge the brighter it becomes and the more insight gained.

15). Apply what you have read: One important way to have a grasp of concepts is by putting them to use. What you do not use becomes forgotten and useless. Putting into practice what is learnt helps one to understand better some things that are lacking in the theory and helps one to excel in one's endeavors. Conceptually, the learning modules were based on principles that were enunciated by Chinese philosopher and reformer Confucius (551 BC to 479 BC), who stated "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Everyone who must excel academically must learn to practice what is leant.

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Tips for excelling in academics

By Peteroyewole → Monday, October 19, 2020

I welcome you all to today's tutorial on how to service a mobile phone that fell into water.
Without taking much of your time i will love to discuss briefly why you need to service your phone immediately after it fell into water or water mistakenly splash on it.

Reason why you should service a phone that fell into water
Phones are made of several components such as "diode, capacitor, integrated circuit," etc. These components does not like water. Any moment your phone fell into water this components will start absorbing the water and in return your phone panel will began to rust slowly until when it finally damaged the panel though it takes time but you need to service your phone before then. 
So what are the things you need to service a phone that fell into water.

1). Brush, i recommend toothbrush
2). Petrol or spirit
3). Phone screw driver and picker

How to service an Android phone that fell into water
1). Remove your sims and memory card
2). Unscrew the phone using phone screw driver
3). Use your finger or plastic rubber to open the phone from side, be careful and do it gently
4). Unclip and detach the calibrator, screen, battery, cameras from the panel, and be mindful of the power switch with other flex you see.
5). Bring out the panel and search for "mouthpiece".
6). Use your hand to cover the surface of the mouthpiece.
7). Deep your brush inside petrol or spirit and start servicing the panel, scrub gently and make sure your brush touches every part excluding mouthpiece, cameras and speakers.
Note: if your battery is soldered then you will need to desold it using soldering iron, and if you don't have soldering iron no need to worry you can still scrub your panel without unsoldering the battery.
8). Dry your panel under sunlight for some minutes and return everything back to it position.
9). Tie the screw gently, don't use force.
10). Turn on your phone and enjoy.

Watch video here:

How to service a button phone that fell into water
1). Remove the battery, sims and memory card
2). Unscrew the phone using phone screw driver
3). Use your finger or plastic rubber to open the phone from side, be careful and do it gently
4). Remove the bouncer leather from the panel and place it some where.
5). Bring out the panel and be careful with mouthpiece, camera, speakers, radio (wires).
Note: if any of the above wires cut while dismantling, then you will need to solder it back using a soldering iron.
6). Deep your brush inside petrol or spirit and start servicing.
7). Don't allow petrol or spirit to enter inside ("mouthpiece, camera and speakers").
8). Dry your panel under sunlight for some minutes and return everything back to it position.
9). Tie the screw gently, don't use force.
10). Turn on your phone and enjoy.

Watch video here:

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How to service a phone that fell into water

By Peteroyewole → Monday, September 21, 2020

Replacing a phone speaker is as simple as ABC if you know which one to change because a mobile phone usually comes with two speakers, one at the front for making calls and the second one at the back for listening to music, sounds records, ringing tunes etc.

So, how can you differentiate between the two speakers and know which one to change
1). If you can't hear the opponent voice during outgoing or incoming calls then you should know that your phone is having a ("front" speaker issue).
2). If your phone ringing out, music and other sounds stopped working apart from hearing opponent voice during calls then your phone is having a ("back" speaker issue).

How will you know your phone is having a speaker issue
1). Decrease in sound quality when playing music or making calls
2). Sound stop working
3). Sounds cracking

1). Phone screw driver
2). Replacement speaker (you can get it at the market)
3). Soldering iron (if your phone speaker is wire)

How to replace phone speakers
1). Remove your sims and memory card
2). Unscrew the phone and use your finger or plastic rubber to open the phone from side
3). Locate the speaker 
4). Go to the market or any mobile repair shop and get the exact speaker. I suggest you hold the old speaker with you as sample.
5). Remove the old speaker and replace it with the new one. 
If it comes with wire then you need soldering iron, but if it does not comes with wire then you don't need soldering iron to change it. 
5). After changing, arrange the phone and test your speaker.

Watch video here:

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How to replace your phone speaker

By Peteroyewole → Sunday, August 30, 2020

The two terms 'militate' and 'excellence' are contradictory. On one hand, militate denotes to oppose or have negative influence on something. On the other hand, excellence implies being outstanding, proficient, exceptional and to achieve a task in a unique way that goes beyond the norm. When we consider the above definitions with the title, we would have two pathways that each student can take. First, is the road that leads to academic excellence and second is, the other road to academic disaster. Meanwhile, the factors that militate against academic excellence and successes of every student are often, common. It now depends on the decisions that each student make to either overcome or subscribe to such factors.

Extrinsic and Intrinsic Factors

Most importantly, when we talk about Militating factors against academic excellence, it can be grouped into two, either extrinsic or Intrinsic. By extrinsic factors, we imply externally-based challenges while Intrinsic factors are internally-based challenges that can affect a student's optimum performance in his/her academic endeavor.

Using Nigeria as case study, there are obviously more extrinsic than Intrinsic factors that may militate against student's academic excellence. The most critical among these factors is:

1). poor leadership: It has been a bane resulting to many socio-political crises in the country and cuts across all sectors. (i.e. education, economy, governance). It is simply a condition in which inefficient personnel occupy leadership offices in a state. In such case, the leaders may implement unfavourable policies that contradict educational soundness. For instance, many Nigerian students have been victims of incessant strike actions by certain educational bodies. During strikes, the academic curriculum and agenda of affected institutions are fractured and destabilised. There have been situations where students spend months running into years at home idle and waiting for the government to reach an agreement with concerned educational bodies/agitators. In such case, by the time a student would resume his/her academic work, s/he may not record significant success.

In addition, still connected to the issue of poor leadership are curricular reassessment and low-budget for the educational sector by the Nigerian government. In Nigeria, there have not been any significant reassessment of educational curricular and quality control since Independence. The general and current curricular was bequeathed to the nation by Europeans. There is currently, a dire need to reassess the Nigerian education sector, owing to the increase of unemployed graduates leaving tertiary institutions yearly. Apart from this, there is need for reappraisal of curricular which is meant to meet current not post demands of the nation and must include entrepreneurial and skill-acquisition programmes. Such programmes will grant focus not only to students at the tertiary level but those in secondary and primary levels. Having said this, a nation that refuses to invest in the education of her citizenry may not enjoy the benefits of enlightenment.

2). Family challenge: Beyond the ever-increasing governmentally-induced challenges, there is also the family challenge. Every student is a representative of a home therefore, positive or negative situation in a home may affect the performance and potentiality of a student. A case where a student is a child to an unstable, abusive, divorced or separated parents, s/he may become traumatised psychologically and will inadvertently, affect the student's academic performance.

3). Societally-induced challenge: There are also societally-induced challenges, for instance, in Nigeria there is the "get-quick-rich-syndrome" among Nigerian youths. They have been fed with vague idea of success without hard work or labour. There is an assumption that there is alternative to success gained from education. This idea is fostered by celebrity stories of dropouts and the advent of internet scamming. The social media, technology as well as social realities have brought a decline to ambition and passion of many Nigerian youths for education. Such social realities include unemployment of graduates which brings discouragement to the few with drive for education.

4). Poor educational background: As a corollary, there are some Intrinsic factors which are offshoots of extrinsic factors. For instance, students with poor educational background may experience fear and failure as students. In Nigeria, some well-to-do parents influence their children's academic performance through bribery and other schemes that create shortcuts for them out of rigorous academic processes. Children in such instance, may be unable to perform excellently in their academic endeavors.

5). Inefficient or unequipped teaching personnel academic institution: An academic institution with inefficient or unequipped teaching personnel may result to poor performance of students. Having said this, there are self-induced factors such as lack of drive to pursue success, laziness, truancy, low-self-esteem, poor study habits, la k of preparation for exams, inattentiveness in class, juvenile studentship, lack of mentorship, wrong choice of career and distractions through technological gadgets and romantic relationships.

As complement to the above factors, Crosnoe, Johnson and Elder (2004) identified thirty-two (32) general factors that may affect student's success and they include: fear, anxiety, confidence, concentration, health and well-being, social factors: peer group, family crisis, economic factors: financial problem and stress, environmental factors: good learning environment, class size, environmental condition (peaceful atmosphere within the locality of institution), teaching and training method, personal factors: lack of reading habit and reading plan, unwillingness to take responsibility, time mismanagement, lack of desire, decision and determination, negative attitude towards education, lack of initiative, poor literacy skills of students, immaturity, apathy, poor exam preparation, academic factors: imbalance of theory and practice of a course of study and heavy course workload by teachers.


In sum, through this study, we have been able to highlight several factors that can affect a student from recording outstanding academic success. However, a careful observation at the above factors indicate that academic success is a combined effort of several personnel (i.e. parents, society, government/non-governmental organizations, educational bodies, proprietors and teachers) and then, the student. On this premise, we therefore, recommend that the Nigerian government should increase the quota for academic sector and also, create a regular reassessment of educational policies, teachers as well as educational bodies should be given sufficient motivation. Moreover, educational bodies should create fascinating online resources that students can engage while learning at the same time. Significantly, there would always be challenges working against the academic excellence/performance of students however, each student has the self-will to determine what outcome s/he wishes to have.

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Factors Militating Against Academic Excellence In Nigeria

By Peteroyewole → Tuesday, August 25, 2020

What is mouthpiece?
Mouthpiece is a small microphone which is located at the base of every phones. Mouthpiece collect sounds within the surrounding through (sound records) and also intercepts voice to transmit to other mobile phone users during call.

How will you know your phone is having mouthpiece issue
Through sound recoding and call making:
1). Sounds recording: if you try recording your voice and it not working then you should know that your phone is having a mouthpiece issue.
2). Call making: if you make an outgoing call or someone calls you and you can hear the opponent voice clearly but the opponent can't hear you, then you should know that your phone is having a mouthpiece issue.
So, how can you fix your phone "mouthpiece"? It very easy as ABC if you have the below requirements.

Requirements to fix a phone mouthpiece
1). Soldering iron
2). Screw driver
3). Mouthpiece 
4). Candle and matches 

How to fix mouthpiece for Android phone
1). Remove your sims and memory card
2). Unscrew the phone using phone screw driver
3). Use your finger or plastic rubber to open the phone from side
4). Locate the mouthpiece, it usually at the base of every phones
5). Remove the network antenna and detach the little panel from the flex.
6). Light your candle and heat the mouthpiece from under and remove it. Don't let the light from the candle come too close to the panel.
7). If the "mouthpiece" is round you can replace it with a wire mouthpiece by soldering the positive wire which is "red" in the middle and solder the negative wire which is "black" on the outer part.
8). Return everything back and turn on your phone
9). Test it through sound recording or try calling someone.

Note: if you open your phone and you saw this kind of mouthpiece "square" or "box" quickly close the phone and take it to a phone repair engineer, because this mouthpiece requires special knowledge to fix it.

Watch video here:

How to fix mouthpiece for china phones
1). Remove your sims and memory card
2). Unscrew the phone using phone screw driver
3). Use your finger or plastic rubber to open the phone from side
4). Locate the mouthpiece, it usually at the base or front of every phones
5). Desold the "mouthpiece" from the panel and replace it with a new one.
Don't interchange the wires, sold it the way you remove the old "mouthpiece".
6). Return everything back and turn on your phone
7). Test it through sound recording or try calling someone.

Watch video here:

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How to fix your phone mouthpiece

By Peteroyewole → Thursday, August 20, 2020

Is your phone screen showing blank, white or ink? If yes then don't worry because today am going to explain to you how to replaced it without visiting a mobile phone repairer shop.

1). Soldering iron
2). Soldering paste or candle
3). Exact screen.

How to replace screen for china phones
1). Unscrew your phone
2). Goto the market with your phone and get the exact screen
3). Apply little "soldering paste" or cut little candle and apply it on the surface.
4). Use your left hand to rise and hold the screen up
5). After rising, use the other hand to hold your soldering iron, check screenshot below

6). Drag the screen slowly with your left hand while your right hand which is holding the soldering iron is on the edge of the screen legs.
7). After removing now arrange the panel screen legs with your soldering iron.
8). Place the new screen on the panel and solder it.
9). Insert the battery and turn on your phone
10). If the new screen is still showing white, or blank, consider resoldering it the second time.

Watch video here:

How to replace Android phone screen
1). Remove your sims and memory card
2). Unscrew your phone
3). Goto the market with your phone and get the exact screen.
4). Remove the screen clip and test it
5). Request for glue and glued it there
6). Make sure you fix everything in the market before coming home.

Watch video here:

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How to replace phone screen

By Peteroyewole → Saturday, August 15, 2020

Charging port is a socket or connector located at the buttom of your phone where your battery charger connect.
Today, i will explain to you how to change it if yours is having issue.

Names of charging ports
1). Pin mouth charging port ( Nokia and china phones)
2). Android charging port
3). Visa-phone charging port

How will you know your phone is having charging port issue
1). Slow charging
2). Charging not working when you insert cable
3). Decrease in percentage instead of increasing when charging
4). Bending of charger cable before your phone can charge

1). Phone screw driver
2). Exact charging port
3). Blower or (candle and matches)
4). Picker
5). Soldering paste
6). Toothbrush

How to change Android phone charging port
1). Remove your sims and memory card
2). Unscrew the phone using phone screw driver
3). Open the phone using your finger or plastic rubber from side
4). Locate the charging port, most Android phones charging port is located at the base.
5). After locating the charging port, detach all the flex, network antenna that connects to the panel within the charging port area.
6). Bring out the panel and place it on a flat surface e.g a table and use a padlock, stone or anything to hold the panel.
7). Heat the charging port from under using blower or candle.
Make sure you applied soldering paste inside the charging port before heating, to avoid melting the charging port.
Important: be careful and don't allow soldering paste to enter inside the mouthpiece.
8). After it as heat to some extent, now use your picker to remove it
9). Place the new charging port on the panel and continue heating from under until it sit well in its position.
Important: make sure you applied plenty soldering paste inside the charging port before heating and continue applying soldering paste once you see it getting dry and you are not done fixing.
10). After you finish fixing, use toothbrush to brush the inside of the charging port
11). Arrange your phone and test it.

Watch video here:

Note: you can use candle in place of soldering paste. All you have got to do is cut little piece from candle and struck it inside the charging port and melt it.

How to change button phone charging port
Button phones charging port is easy as ABC to change and not as complicated compare to Android phone charging port.
Just follow the below steps:
1). Remove your sim card
2). Unscrew the phone using phone screw driver
3). Locate the charging port
4). Use picker or screw driver to remove the charging port from the chassis
5). Replace with a new charging port
6). Arrange the phone, tie the screws and test it.

Watch video here:

Note: some button phones are using the same charging port with Android phones.
So if you open your phone and you discovered that the charging port is soldered then you need to follow the Android procedure to change it and make sure you remove the "bouncer leather" before heating.

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How to change charging port

By Peteroyewole → Monday, August 10, 2020

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